Outer Space Pillowcases

Outer Space by Makower UK is a fun collection of rockets, stars, planets, astronauts and quirky aliens! These fabrics are perfect for little star gazers and space enthusiasts everywhere!

I put two pillowcase kits together - one featuring the aliens of Outer Space, and one featuring the planets and stars. These were so fun to make!


To make one of each pillowcase, you will need:


This pattern is written for standard size pillowcases. Finished size will be 31" x  20".

For the free pattern with photos, please visit our original tutorial here.


Cut main fabric 27” x width of fabric (wof)

Cut cuff fabric 9” x wof

Cut accent fabric 2” x wof

Trim off selvedge edges on all strips.


Press accent strip in half, long edges lining up, with wrong sides together.

Lay cuff fabric out flat with the right side up. Lay main fabric on top of cuff, right side up, matching long edges along the top. Lay accent strip on top of main fabric with the raw edges lining up with the top raw edges of main and cuff fabric.

Roll up the other edge of main fabric.

Fold up the other edge of cuff fabric to meet lined up raw edges along the top of the layered fabrics from step 3.

It will look like a long roll. Pin or clip all raw edges together.

Stitch through all layers with a 1/4” seam allowance.

Pull the roll right side out.

Press cuff away from main fabric.

French seam to form pillowcase - fold in half with right sides facing out (should measure about 21”x31” when folded). Line up raw edges along top and side. Stitch top and side with a 1/4” seam allowance.

Turn inside out. Press seams flat.

Stitch along top and side edges with a 1/2” seam.

Turn right side out. Press. Enjoy your new pillowcase!

See the Outer Space collection here!

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