Loyalty Club

Join Saltwater Fabrics Loyalty Club today to start earning stars and saving!

⭐️ Step 1 - Sign Up
Create an account with us and you're ready. If you already have an account, you're already earning stars!

⭐️ Step 2 - Earn Stars
You will earn stars for every dollar spent. You can also earn stars for following us on Instagram, liking and sharing us on Facebook, celebrating your birthday and referring your friends. Plus, you'll earn 200 stars just for signing up!

⭐️ Redeem Stars for coupons
250 Stars - $5 off
500 Stars - $10 off
1,000 Stars - $20 off

⭐️ Refer A Friend
They get 10% off, you get 100 stars!

Click here to join!

To access your stars and coupons, click on the ‘rewards program’ button on the bottom right of your screen (it will just be star icon if you’re on a mobile or tablet).

Make sure you’re logged into your account in order to earn and see your rewards.

When you have enough stars, you will be able to redeem them for a coupon, and it will give you a promo code to use for the discount.


There are a few important items we'd like to note:

  • Limit to one account per person - please do not make multiple accounts.
  • The Saltwater Fabrics Loyalty Club is run at the discretion of Saltwater Fabrics and can be changed or canceled at anytime.
  • Saltwater Fabric Stars have no cash value and are only valid when used by the account which earned the rewards. Violating these terms will result in your Saltwater Fabrics Loyalty Club account being terminated, and the loss of all earned points and rewards.
  • Saltwater Fabric Stars are only awarded for the order subtotal and not the grand total. It excludes taxes, shipping and any other discounts from counting towards points.